Shrink your head!

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May 23rd 2015

Episode 1 of Shrunken Heads TV.
Find out what Peckham thinks of Satan (amongst other things…).

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Putting the psyche in.

Cracking video. Cracking song.

Mar 18th 2015

The new one by La Femme. Wonder what it’s about…

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Another scary clown…

From Mastodon

Mar 01st 2015

Blood and Thunder by Mastodon. Seems as though a lot of fun was had by all.

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Time for a song about meat

Bacon across the nation!

Feb 21st 2015

Das Racist’s meat-obsessed anthem, Chicken and Meat.
Why aren’t more people making bacon beat music? Odd really…

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Old… but still fresh

Watch out, this one’s a stinker!

Feb 16th 2015

We. Will. NEVER. Get. Bored. Of. These.

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